our commitment
to sustainability

We are committed to acting responsibly towards the environment, people and the community.

For some time now we have embarked on a path of sustainability

with a 360 ° approach that embraces all the components

that lead to the realization of our products and that

gave birth to the We Care project of the Bolton Group to which we belong.

Specifically, Bolton Manitoba adheres to the AISE Charter for Sustainable Cleaning project, a voluntary initiative involving the detergent manufacturers industry in Europe, thanks to which the entire life cycle of the product is analyzed.

From the raw materials used in production to the consumption of resources, from the eco-efficiency of the products, to the safety and efficiency of the plants.

Joining the project represents not only a concrete action that testifies to Bolton Manitoba’s commitment to continuous improvement in terms of sustainability, but also an encouragement for consumers, who thanks to a more responsible use of the products can minimize the waste of resources.


For Smac, the care of the planet is important! For this reason, all the bottles of spray cleaners of the line Smac Express Degreaser are more sustainable becasue made by 50% recycled plastic.